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Our Staff



Headteacher - Rachel Miller


Deputy Headteacher - Karen Strachan



Assistant Headteacher and EYFS Lead - Dale Sanders



Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Lead - Daniel Yiend



Business Manager - Amy Vine



SENDCO - Jennifer West



Class Teacher, DT and Handwriting Lead - Amy Voaden



Class Teacher and Computing Lead - Anna Bennett



Class Teacher and PE Lead - Becky Hutchens



Class Teacher and Music Lead - Jen Ariss



Class Teacher and History Lead - Jo Borthwick



Class Teacher, LKS2 team leader and Maths Lead - Jo Perrott



Class Teacher, RWV, SMSC and Collective Worship Lead - Laura Twamley



Class Teacher, Phonics and KS1 Lead - Lisa Alexander



Class Teacher, Thrive and PSHE Lead - Lyndsey Cahill



Class Teacher and Charity Lead - Michael Johnson



Class Teacher and Science Lead - Patricia Kent



Class Teacher and Art Lead - Sarah Hewett



Spanish Teacher - Carlos del Pozo Andreu



Class Teacher, UKS2 and English Lead - Wendy Williams


Image previewClass Teacher and Geography Lead - Katy Mackintosh

Teaching Assistants



Teaching Assistant - Andrea McLagan




Forest School - Ruth Hawkins


Teaching Assistant - Debbie Kingman




Teaching Assistant - Helena Lopes





Teaching Assistant - Inessa Zibrova




Teaching Assistant and Thrive Support - Jannette Warren



Librarian, Website Manager and AR Administrator - Kay Oram



Forest School Lead - Fiona Moses



Teaching Assistant - Kelly Greenfield



Teaching Assistant - Lucy Allen



Forest School Lead - Lucy Angus



Teaching Assistant - Lucy Counter



Teaching Assistant - Lucy Downing



Teaching Assistant - Nana Burton



Teaching Assistant - Nicky Aldred



Teaching Assistant - Nivana Cluer



Teaching Assistant - Sarah Hall



Teaching Assistant - Steph Robson-Close



Forest School - Tracey Stalker




Teaching Assistant - Wynn Beavers



School Counsellor - Bev Jackson


Meal-time Assistants



Meal-time Assistant - Carlina Eccles



Meal-time Assistant - Gemma Robinson




Meal-time Assistant - Rebecca Jacobs


Meal-time Assistant - Sam Bond



Meal-time Assistant - Tracy Ryding



Meal-time Assistant - Suzanne Orchard






Catering Team


Catering Manager - Kirstin Baker



Catering assistant - Hazel Warn



Catering Assistant - Natalie Wright



Catering Assistant - Emma Simmons


Admin Staff

Admin Assistant - Tina Dodd



Other Staff Members


Caretaker - Ian Wilson