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Parental Feedback

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to those of you who have completed the questionnaire about wrap-around provision. If you haven’t but would like to, please click the link below to give your feedback on our wrap-around provision.

We wanted to share the feedback with you. This is based on 38 responses.

97% of parents/carers would recommend our services.

97% of parents/carers said their child was happy in provision.

97% of parents/carers are happy with the new routine and activities.

When asked how you would rate the provision, the following was received:

68% said excellent

29% said good

Thank you to everyone who submitted a form. We are extremely pleased with your responses. It is really important to us that we can offer high-quality wrap-around care for your children. There have been many changes over the past few weeks which has benefitted the provision as a whole.


Parents and Carers were also given the opportunity to feedback any information if they wished to. We would like to address the information raised.

After school club has a set fee of £7 per session from 3:20 pm-5:50 pm.  Due to staffing, it would be unfeasible to staff the provision by running 2 sessions at different costs. Whilst we appreciate this is disappointing for some, we simply cannot afford to make this change, neither would we be able to recruit staff to cover just 1 hour per day. Having researched other local provisions, we average out at £7.50 per session whilst some provisions charge a flat rate of up to £10 per session.

The routine for after-school club provision has been set out as follows:

3:20 pm registration

3:30 pm outside

4:10 pm snack

4:30 pm focussed activity

5:30 pm quiet time

5:50 pm closed

Some feedback we received was around activities being earlier for all to enjoy due to pick-up times. Having juggled the routine, this is what works best for all children. For each session, we have additional children join us at 4:30 pm from another club, so the timings work well for snacks. Changing the time of the snacks would not fit into the routine and would create 2 snack times. This would then also encroach on the focussed activity. Because of snack time, we are unable to move the time of the focussed activity as there would not be enough time for the activity to be carried out and snack would be too late in the day meaning many will miss out on this before going home.

When children first arrive at the after-school club, it works really well to have 30 minutes of fresh air and running around. This then leads nicely into snack time followed by the focussed activity. Throughout the time of the focussed activity, children also have the option to carry out many other activities in the KS2 area which is also led by staff. This can be loom bands, puzzles, colouring in, reading, laptops, board games, cards, etc.

We hope this clarifies some feedback we received and reassures you that we have taken into consideration your feedback.

If you would like to discuss this any further, please feel free to contact Amy Vine

Thank you for all the support you give to our wrap-around provision.

Kind regards

Amy Vine

Business Manager